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Walnuts, plums, shells and stuffed mushrooms

Walnuts, plums, shells and stuffed mushrooms

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Grandma's childhood sweets, not missing from the Easter table,

  • 3 eggs 3 cups powdered sugar 3 cups oil 1 baking powder flour as much as 200 ml milk 200 g sugar 100 g butter 2 packets vanilla sugar a bowl ground nuts

Servings: 40

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Stuffed walnuts, plums, shells and mushrooms:

Rub the 3 cups of powdered sugar with the eggs until the sugar melts. Add the oil, lemon peel and flour mixed with baking powder.

The shell does not have to be very hard. Grease the form with oil, make balls the size of a grape and place them in each place of the form. Place the form on the flame, turning it from side to side until the shells lightly brown. Clean the edges of the shells. For the cream, put the milk, sugar, butter and vanilla sugar on the fire.

When it boils, add the walnuts and the edges of the crushed shells. Stir over high heat until tender. Put the cold cream between the peels.

The formed walnuts are rolled in cocoa mixed with powdered sugar.

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The shells can also be filled with jam mixed with ground walnuts.

How to make snickers cake

  1. Mix the egg whites with the sugar until a hard foam is obtained.
  2. Add the essence, nuts and flour mixed with baking powder and cocoa. Stir gently.
  3. The composition thus obtained is poured into a tray lined with baking paper and baked for 20-25 minutes.
  4. Allow the countertop to cool and cut in half. Two sheets with dimensions of 30 x 17 cm (tray dimensions 30 x 35cm) are obtained.
  5. Cream: In a bowl caramelize 7 tablespoons of sugar, pull the bowl aside and add the butter. Stir until melted, add the walnuts and then the yolks rubbed with the rest of the sugar.
  6. Put the cream on the fire again and let it boil for 5-6 minutes until it thickens.
  7. Assembling the snickers cake: Spread half of the cream over the first sheet.
  8. Place the second sheet and the rest of the cream.
  9. Let the cake cool until the cream hardens a little, then pour the melted chocolate.
  10. Let it cool again.
  11. Cut into rectangular or diamond-shaped pieces of the right size.

The snickers cake prepared in this way is crispy, but also creamy. Good appetite!

Pictures of oyster shells

Here are the most relevant pictures about seashells on Picture: Mix of seafood with oyster sauce. Picture: Pasta stuffed with shrimp and parmesan. Picture: Seafood soup. Picture: 3 simple tricks to decorate your coffee table. Picture: Decorate simple, cheap and stylish! Read the article and find out how It is good to buy the studs with a maximum of one day before consuming / cooking them. 4. The simplest option is to eat them raw. Do not open the oysters until before serving. The technique is not as difficult as it seems and you do not need a huge force. We tell you all the tricks HERE. 5. Do not throw liquid from oysters

Oyster sauce is used in small quantities, a tablespoon of oyster sauce is, in principle, enough to improve the taste of 4 servings. The Thais also borrowed oyster sauce from the Chinese (along with many other ingredients), which they use in stir-fry dishes, along with meat, vegetables, seafood and noodles. shell, conchology, weed, sea snail, oysters mussel shells and mussels 4000x3000,141463 Shell is the name given to several species of bivalve mollusks that have a soft body, protected by two limestone valves, usually gray, which form the outer skeleton. is part of the mollusk cluster. This cluster is, after arthropods, the second largest group of invertebrates (animals without a skeleton), comprising over 50,000 species. When the water boils, add the shells.They must open in a few tens of seconds. Those that have not opened are thrown away. Boil on high heat for about 10 minutes. it is thrown away but kept for another preparation that I will present in another.

. In matter of of shells, the supremacy is held by Saint Jacques shells or pilgrim shells, noted for their shape of fans, aba and sweet meat and special nutritional properties I come today with another classic recipe, this time with pan-fried mussels and I would even like you to read it carefully, not to be afraid to get out of the daily routine of soups and steaks! It is of course easier to cook what is at hand, but more recently it is very easy to find and fresh grandmothers shells at a decent price (I gave 11 lei / kg!) Jacques - Seafood with history and elegance. They are also called caper shells (pilgrim shells), and the Saint-Jacques variety is the best known, being fished in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. With their elegant shells, these shells are extremely beautiful Free high resolution photo sand, conchology, weed, shell, shell, oysters mussels and shells, shell, mollusks, sea snail, Veneroid @Artur Mordvinov, taken Canon PowerShot A720 IS 05/07 2018 Image taken with 6.0mm, f / 4.0s, 1 / 500s, ISO 80. The image is free of copyright under Creative Commons. Black Sea: Affected ecosystem. Several species are endangered. shells The Black Sea ecosystem would need several decades to restore the natural balance of 50 years ago, in the event of a complete cessation of pollution and the exploitation of its resources.

Pictures of seashells: Mix of seafood with oyster sauce

  1. shells, coloring pictures, seashell, drawing, coloring sheet, coloring sheet, free coloring book, coloring pages, download, coloring sheet, coloring pictures, printing Blog Bookmark Gadgets Posted by ADMIN at 4:53 A
  2. Oyster shells for aquariums 200 grams. acceptcookies: Display custom content that matches a user's role and rights
  3. at dinner. - 500 g shells (mussels, oysters), 1 medium onion, 50 ml oil Recipe from Oyster sauce with Vita with oyster sauce, a classic Chinese cuisine that the unique aroma of oyster sauce dresses and completes the taste of the meat.
  4. The European oyster lives in colonies, fixed to the substrate, in coastal waters up to a depth of 20 m. It prefers hard-bottomed bottoms, covered with sediments, shells and shell valves. It is a relatively large species, the adult forms being between 3.8 and 11 cm in diameter
  5. What makes them adored by many people is their unique taste and gelatinous appearance. Classic oyster recipes would be Kilpatrick Oysters, Rockefeller Oysters or breaded oysters also called Poboys. What else did the lovers of these seafood cook? Here: Oysters in the oven, surprise with oysters, beef with oyster sauce or macaroni with oysters
  6. How to eat shells. Recipes with shells Recipe with sea shells. Ingredients for sea shells 2 kg shells 300 ml white wine 2 small onions 1 bunch parsley 4 cloves garlic pepper Preparation. Wash tightly closed shells (open ones already thrown away) in more water to remove sand
  7. Pan-fried shellfish recipe on the website - I come today with another classic recipe, d ..

Map Dalboka Shell Farm in Bulgaria - How to get to the Shell Farm in Dalboka - go through the town of Kavarna and take the road to Kaliakra, about 2, 3 km. after entering the road to Kaliakra you have to turn right on a country road which is about 1 km and you reach the Farm, it is a table with the Shell Farm but it is a bit small and you have to drive slowly. pike or black caviar, or Manchurian. Good appetite! Consumption with mushrooms and oysters or mussels or shells 2010-08-14T12: 00: 00 + 03: 00 2017-07-14T04: 54: 58 + 03: 00 admi. View images with oysters and other labels associated with them Boiled eggplants are cut into small cubes, about 1 cm each. Mix with onions. Mix the bacon with the eggplant. Then add the oysters, salt, pepper and ½ cup of breadcrumbs. Melt the rest of the butter in a saucepan. Divide the eggplant / oyster mixture into 4 portions and place each portion in a baking dish

No meal without fish, says an old Romanian saying. That is why we pay special attention to this type of meat, making sure that it comes from sustainable fishing. In addition, we have started an extensive process of expanding the showcases of fresh fish and seafood within the national network of stores, which includes the development of assortments, which will reach up to 50. Read also: All about Ginkgo Biloba There are natural treatments based on oysters that tone and revitalize the skin, helping it stay young for a long time. But be careful: oysters consumed with lemon juice have the disadvantage of eliminating vitamin E, eventually obtaining the opposite effect on the skin. That is why nutritionists recommend eating oysters in their natural state.

7 things you need to know when eating oysters

  1. Beef with oyster sauce from: beef, mushrooms, peas, ginger, onion, wine, starch, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, oil, salt. Ingredients: 400 g beef 125 g mushrooms (wooden ears) 100 g corn or bamboo shoots 125 g peas 1 teaspoon chopped ginger 1 string green onion 2 [
  2. Raw oysters are consumed as such - suck the juice and meat of the shell, or with a drop of lemon juice and salt, sometimes with butter. To untie them, a special oyster knife is needed (it can be replaced with a knife with a short but thick blade). Oysters cook very little, like most seafood
  3. of any comment that does not correspond to these principles, and to.
  4. Pictures tagged shells by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images with shells and other tags associated with them shell. By clicking on the Register button, I accept the Terms of Use. I understand that S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy and other similar technologies.S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses automated systems and partners that analyze how. Shellfish are found, according to the above plan, in the Conchifera subbranch, more precisely in the class of gastropods, scaffolds and bivalves. Bivalve. Shells are also called bivalves precisely because they have a shell consisting of two valves, held together by an elastic ligament. List of pictures with shells. Oysters: catalogs with discounts, offers and promotions from your favorite stores. Prices, products and discounts on mussels, oysters and apples Mussel soup (mussels, oysters) Add to favorites. , you can use any other shell with a Black Sea bronze, with a wide-eyed smile as you start and work 300 grams of peeled shrimp 10 shells St.Jacques (250 grams of shells / mussels without shell or 1 kg and / or bones You can get a soup base Shops and prices - Vitamins for birds Lolo Pets Sand with shells and oysters for birds, 1.5 kg 7.99 RON !: (Sand with shells and oysters for birds 1 5 kg) Sand Lolo Pets with shells and oysters for birds, 1.5 k

Oyster sauce - Radu taste and aroma enhancer

Shell Shell Ads on Add new ad. My account. Recently selected: Choose location: + 0 km 0 + 0 km 0 + 2 km 2 + 5 km 5 + 10 km 10 + 15 km 15 + 30 km 30 + 50 km 50 + 75 km 75 + 100 km 100 Search in description . Only with pictures. Delivery via OLX available Filters. Category. Choose category. Price. from. up to. Shells, snails, oysters, mussels, crayfish, etc. - Here are recipes with snails. I tried a few and they are great (I brought the snails from France in. Page 7 of 11 The only mussel farm in Romania sold over 20 tons of mussels this year. Find out where you can buy delicious mussels At sea, mussels come either from occasional catches of fishermen, but they are not sorted and you can be old or full of sand, or from the only profile farm in Agigea

Pictures: close, material, shell, shell, conchology

  • a cold beer next to them
  • Shells are categorized by most as Edible Shells Pearl Shells 1. Edible Shells Edible oysters (eg Ostrea edulis) are widespread in the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. They are fixed on hard surfaces (rocks, shells or mangrove roots) from which they are caught through the left valve, at depths of ..
  • Pictures of sea shells - Aips Philips breast shell Beone SP Ferrari car shell, Black, Beone SP Ferrari car shell, Rosso, Juva Joie car shell, Poppy
  • ute. In the original recipe, add the whole shells over high heat to open, but I have a small child and I did this operation separately, in the above mixture adding the ready-cleaned shells that I left a few
  • The shield of the shells! To the north, in Dobrogea in one of the cleanest regions on the Bulgarian coast, in the beautiful Kaliakra bay is located the Dălboca shellfish farm. Here grow organic mussels from the Black Sea, known for its delicious qualities and its incredible useful

Shell - Wikipedia

Sometimes, the simplest can be the most delicious dish. - Prescription Main course: Hake with seashells by Petitchef_r The album of Struggle and Suffering, a collection of pictures with the medical and auxiliary staff from Romania who are struggling with COVID-19 Romanian dermatologist: How do you get rid of profuse sweating? Prof. Dr. Dan. L. Dumitraşcu: Intestine-brain axis and the role of intestinal flora in maintaining psycho-emotional health INTERVIEWS

Mussel soup recipe (shells, oysters) - Tasty

I made this quick recipe for spaghetti with shells for a family dinner. My daughter is a big fan of pasta and shells and seafood and this plate brings them together in a very happy way. I kept trying to buy fresh mussels (black shells) because they really liked it every time I cooked them. I think you know that I don't have all the tiles in the attic and how many passions I have, almost all so many collections. I listed some of them: watches, mugs, castles, monuments in the ministry, keychains, crystals, flags, caps, but I did not remember my collection of shells. I missed Yes, you heard right , shells. Although [

Recipes with shells - 30 recipes - Petitche

  • Decorative wreath with shells. Decorative wreath dressed with white cord, decorated with different models of seashells and sea snails. Coronita is an excellent decoration for the summer season and not only. Worked product.
  • It is associated with: Fetească Albă sec, Cotnari DOMENII. A wine from a traditional Romanian variety, carefully vinified by a young oenologist. Harvested at full maturity (CMD), when autumn tames the rays of the sun that pass through the copper of the vine leaves
  • Or in Romanian, rice with shells, is a very well-known Italian dish. To make the preparation I used a small cup of pre-cooked rice and an equal cup of frozen mussels. We also need an onion, carrot, parsley, garlic, hot pepper, butter, saffron

Video: Pan-fried shells with wine and garlic - Moules Mariniere

Seafood - A small ABC of Radu seafood

Buy Photo frame with shells and starfish, DecorCasa, 18 x 23 cm from eMAG! You have the freedom to pay in installments, benefit from the promotions of the day, opening the package upon delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back Preparation time: 30 min. Complexity: low Ingredients: 500 g shells (mussels, oysters), 1 medium onion, 50 ml of sunflower or olive oil, a clove of garlic, salt and pepper to taste, 1.5 l of water. Home delivery! Great to buy the ingredients for this recipe! Preparation: A very tasty soup is obtained from mussels Back Home Necklaces Necklace with natural shells, adjustable, Kirstie-20%. Natural shell necklace, adjustable, Kirstie. Real pictures ⭐ Customer opinions Right of return 30 days For orders with a value of less than 100 lei, the cost of delivery of packages is 15 lei for the whole country. Similar products Order BEEF IN OYSTER SAUCE with free home delivery from NADASAN restaurant. Delivery in Bucharest. ☎ +40 745 042 04

Pictures: sand, conchology, weed, shell, oyster shells

  • How to paint seashells. Painted sea shells are a way to add size and interest to the shells you have collected. While the shells are beautiful in themselves, a little decoration can customize special shells and can be appropriate.
  • De Silva Exclusiv sells a wide range of frozen, raw and pre-cooked frozen fish and seafood from around the world. From Norwegian salmon, cod and shells. American Jacques, shrimp from Bangladesh, India or Argentina
  • Recipes with fish, recipes with seafood, recipes with trout, recipes with salmon, recipes with mackerel, how to make baked trout, how to prepare special recipes with fish, fish with baked sauce recipes with shrimp, recipes with shells and other seafood
  • Shell and oyster knife, stainless steel 18/0, length 18cm Shell knife made of Stainless Steel 18/0 Can be washed in the dishwasher Dimensions 180 mm 4.
  • im 100 lei. For orders with a value of less than 100 lei, the cost of delivering the packages is 15 lei for.
  • ute. Add the crabs and shrimp, then the oyster sauce. Add salt and pepper, add a little sugar, then add the hot pepper. Stir and bring to the boil, then boil for another 3 minutes
  • Knife for shells and oysters, made of stainless steel, 781913, length 18 cm is made of stainless steel. 31, 93 Lei. 32 loyalty points. Silver forks for dessert / oysters. FEDA snacks with oyster mushrooms 100 g. Food supplement that supports the function of the digestive tract, immune system and system

Shells: Sailor's rope, the perfect accessory for dec

  1. Summer arrangement with tulips, mathiola, delphinium and decoration of shells, greenery, twine, metal. It is a lovely summer gift, we deliver this arrangement for free right at the door of the woman you love, with the warmest wishes of love
  2. Ingredients Oyster with microwave. Oysters in half shells 12 pieces After all, the aroma of oysters cooked according to this recipe will not fade for a very long time. Good luck! Tips for recipes: - - As a decoration of the plate, you can use any fresh, pre-washed, drained and chopped herbs.
  3. and B12. Therefore, they are good for developing mental capacity. Casanova, the most famous lover of all time, ate 70 oysters every day to be as good as possible.
  4. Among the lamellibranchs we list: edible shells (oysters and mussels), staple shell (Pinna), comb shell (Pecten), sand and freshwater shells (Anodonta, Unio, Mya arenaria), pearl shell (Pteria margaritifera), it is shown in a communiqué sent to the editorial office by the Suceava Museum
  5. 925 silver earrings made by hand in Amerindian style with semiprecious stones of turquoise, coral, oysters, opal and turquoise purple. Size approx. 3 cm long The stones may have differences in shades from those in the pictures, being natural stones
  6. Tag: oyster sauce. Spring packages. 26/07/2011 by Teo 15 comments. Apple and cinnamon cake. Cremsnit the jar. Tart with plums and frangipani. 3 Recipes for barbecue grills. Follow Teo on Instagram. More pictures. Recent comments. Teo on Cremsnit or homemade creams

About oysters on Garbo. Articles about libido, sexual dysfunction, vitamins, diet, sexual desire, nuts, spinach, yogurt and fertility. Chinese style shells About opening oysters. How to eat. Only oysters. Beef, oysters and lobster with mushroom pie sheets and potato cylinder - Mihai Irimia - Duration: 7:15. Top Chef Romania. Pictures and images on 220 shells. go upstairs. & gt Movies with shells. Movies, Videos. TV Shows Farsi Hard Phases Funny Games, Gameplay Music, Videos Friends, parties, clubbing Ads Sports Stars. Shell movies results 1 - 1 of 1 Agree *>.

Seashells coloring pages seashell coloring page

Download shells stock photos, royalty free images and illustrations from $ 1. Save even more with our subscriptions. Sign up for free Order now shellfish soup with tomatoes and basil. An excellent, invigorating product that can easily take you to the Mediterranean coast. The authentic, unmistakable taste can easily reach your table. Order easily, pay securely The leg opens with a larger opening. They feed on a type of protozoa that they catch with their tongues and crush with the radula. The sexes are separated and the development is done by metamorphosis. Bibliography. Tree of the World 2001, Animals and Plants, p. 92 External links List of pictures with shells

Oyster Shells for Aquariums, 50 lei - Lajumate

  1. We only use fresh shells, traditionally harvested from the Black Sea. Asian experience By Chef Bontea Every day you can enjoy exotic dishes born from Chef Sorin Bontea's passion for Asia: Thai noodles with shrimp, but also the delicious sea bass with oyster and ginger sauce, served with Asian salad
  2. walnut tea, sunflower seed, food of animal origin, shell, mussel, oysters mussels and mussels, weeds 4000x2667,56730
  3. Burger and Shells, Bucharest. 18 K of appreciation. Restaurant & Take Away Historic Center - Str. Smardan, nr.41 RESERVATIONS: 0753.300.33

Oysters - Recipes-Tasty

  1. at Cosmetics & Electrical Accessories Sanitary Ware & Accessories Knife Door Accessories shells and oysters, from. In the supplier's catalog Knife for shells and oysters, stainless steel, length 18 cm New Product code: 8263. 24.18 Ron / pc 30.23 Ro
  2. ima of 150 lei with VAT included
  3. ute. Refined. Shrimp. Not more than 60
  4. Snail Plates, Professional, Horeca, Models of Plates and Cutlery for Snails, Lobsters, Shells, Seafood, Snail Fork, Pliers, Cuts

Snails and sea shells (Mollusca) Pontic itineraries

Add soy sauce, oyster sauce, rice wine and water or fish soup. After boiling, immediately add the shells. Cover the wok with a lid and leave for 2 minutes until all the shells have opened. Saint Jacques shells with shell. 165.00 lei. Saint Jacques shells with shell. Sold out. BistroMar opening event. Thanks for participating. Official launch of BistroMar July 5, 2018 - 7:54 am. Oysters Icre salmon Ikura 50 grams. Scroll to top. 0 With oysters, however, it's a different story. I didn't try to order at a restaurant - so as not to rob the budget, don't stay in rooms for 30-40 euros a night to eat oysters - but I saw how they are raised. From the bridge I noticed on a pontoon some people who were still stringing oyster shells on some planks. The muscle of a shell can reach up to 5 cm. The shell of the shell is also associated with the cult of Venuis. In Boticelli's painting, The Birth of Venus, the goddess seems to come out of a shell. In fact, it arrives at the shore, after its birth on a shell-shaped ship, led ashore by the larger wind gods. Hemp twine. Drilling machine. 3 wooden sticks. Tie the sticks in a triangle. Drill the shells with the drill with an iron drill. Be careful to have more shells, as some of them may break. Pass each shell through the thread and tie it with a knot. After you have formed.

Mushroom stuffed mushrooms

Mushroom stuffed mushrooms from: mushrooms, onions, cheese, parsley, oil, flour, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper.


  • 500 g mushroom
  • 1 onion
  • 50 g grated cheese
  • a few sprigs of chopped parsley
  • 1 cup oil
  • 1 or
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • salt and pepper
  • 3 tablespoons breadcrumbs

Method of preparation:

The mushrooms are cleaned and washed, finely chop the stalks and fry in a tablespoon of oil together with the chopped onion. When the juice decreases, remove from the heat, add salt, pepper, chopped parsley and grated cheese.

Each hat is filled with this composition, then two filled hats are caught, face to face, with a toothpick.

Beat the egg with salt and pepper, add flour.

Each pair of mushrooms is passed through the breadcrumbs, then through the beaten egg and again through the breadcrumbs. Fry the mushroom pairs for a few minutes in hot oil and remove on absorbent napkins.

Whether you are making plans for Christmas, New Year's Eve or a banal informal party, you can choose from a multitude of specially selected cookie recipes. For each recipe, click on the title of the recipe or on its picture.

321 cookies with jam

The name of these cookies is not accidental at all! It will help you to easily remember the ingredients and the ratio between them, because in 321 cookies you add 3 hundred grams of flour, 2 hundred grams of butter and 1 hundred grams of sugar. But these are not the only ingredients! Here you will find the recipe for 321 cookies with jam.

Homemade gingerbread & # 8211 Christmas recipe

If you are on this page with cookies recipes to prepare something tender and tasty for Christmas, it is likely that you will stop here with the search.
This gingerbread is not like the classic, fluffy one, which the Romanians traditionally prepare. It's tender and slightly crunchy, the kind you cut with shapes on the worktop.

Stuffed peach cookies

A classic cookie recipe, which is guaranteed to evoke pleasant memories. Peach cookies are prepared with simple ingredients that you probably already have at home!

Cornlets with jam and walnuts

Another classic recipe, which grandparents mastered best. If you are not preparing for any special occasion, which requires some pretentious cookies, stick to some croissants with jam and walnuts, a delight of only 4 ingredients!

Danish vanilla cookies

5 simple ingredients and you get the most tender and fragrant cookies, which you will not be able to distinguish from those in the famous metal box, in which the Danish jars come.

Homemade chocolate pallets

Chocolate pallets, delicacies that you can easily find in all confectioneries, are accessible to anyone who wants to prepare them at home!

Russian cookies

If you have patience and can last 1-2 days, these cookies are becoming more and more tender and fragrant! See how you make some authentic Russian cookies.

Fir trees

This cookie recipe is not necessarily special in itself, but the look makes it perfect for Christmas or New Year's Eve!
Do you have any stars for cutting cookies? Then it's so easy to prepare some edible fir trees!

Vanilla biscuits (vanillekipferl)

Vanillekipferl are some delicious special vanilla cookies for Christmas, traditionally prepared in Austria.
However, they are extremely popular in countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, including Romania.

Spirited biscuits

Do you know the wit from childhood, the one my grandmother used to make in the mincer, with 2-3 special attachments? These are them, and if you prepare them according to this classic recipe, with lard, the freshest cookies will come out!

Walnut cookies

A tender and traditional recipe that a reader sent us and for which we constantly had only appreciations from other housewives!
Here's how to make some walnut cookies that you can then fill with your favorite jam or jam!

Raisin cookies

Another type of cookies that you often find in confectioneries: Fresh cookies with raisins, with a slight almond flavor.

Chess board cookies

If you look at their appearance, you would think that they are very difficult to do. In reality, however, chessboard cookies are made simple, alternating 2 types of dough!

Amaretti cookies

Fragrant and strongly flavored with almonds, Amaretti cookies are to your taste only if you like almonds so much that you would dedicate your own cookie recipe to them!

Nuts, plums, shells and stuffed mushrooms - Recipes

  • 10 quail eggs (or as many as you want, usually a box has 21 pcs)
  • 10 mushroom brown mushrooms
  • 1 good hand of grated parmesan (or cheese)
  • 1 cube of butter to grease the pan
  • salt pepper
  • 1 dill thread for garnish

Wash and peel the mushrooms, break their tails carefully and sprinkle Parmesan cheese in each hat.

Put an egg in each mushroom and place them in the greased pan. Put the tray in the oven for about 15-20 minutes until the eggs are browned.

Probably the simplest and most delicious pizza in the world. Preparation Mix the dough ingredients. Leave the dough & hellip

Live healthy

High impact tips:

Get a healthy quality of life with simple information. These tips also make life more fun.

Grandma's chicken sausages

Grandma's recipe convinces every palace and not just for a day. Preparation Rinse and clean the liver with cold water. Put the washed liver in a bowl. Add & hellip

Home cooking & # 8211 lentil stew with pork fillets and salami sausages

Another powerful farmer's dish that tastes great. The base are green lentils, tomato sauce and salami sausages, which & hellip

Wand with brie, tomatoes and arugula

A sandwich with a light Mediterranean baguette to take or on the way to the office. The wand can be replaced with assorted bread, it would be ciabatta, bread & hellip

Crispy blueberry pastries

Everyone loves to bake delicious cookies and it's even better if they taste really good and the smell occupies the whole apartment. & Hellip

Tacos with peas, almonds, vegetables and lemons

A high Mexican style at home! This time vegetarian and self-made tacos. Peas can be replaced with other legumes. "Enjoy your & hellip

Creamy spaghetti in tomato sauce

A fresh experience of the palace that leaves the table saturated. Preparation Bring salted water to a boil in a saucepan and cook the spaghetti until smooth and drain.

Baked chicken legs lying on a pea couscous

Another great dish that tastes great and is easy to prepare. This time, unfortunately, not vegetarian! And from & hellip

Cheese soup with potato ham

A delicious classic stew with excellent taste. Good meal! Preparation Bring the water to a boil with salt. Add the potatoes and cook until soft. Remove a & hellip

Almond muffins for the little ones

These sweet almond muffins make children's hearts beat faster and are an ideal souvenir. Instead of almonds, peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, paranut, chestnuts & hellip

Pumpkin pancakes as a surprise for breakfast

Serve these delicious zucchini pancakes with sweet cream or quark, blueberries and kiwi slices. Other fruits, such as currants, & hellip, can also be added

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Country Air & # 8211 Celestial apricot cake

Small stone fruits are super healthy because they contain many vitamins and minerals. You can enjoy them fresh or dried. There are differences between apricots & hellip

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Panzanella with fennel, red cabbage and olives

The famous Italian salad "Panzanella" is usually prepared with the ingredients of the current season. Cei care au în mod natural preferințe nu ar trebui să le facă&hellip

Ciupercuţe acre

1. Se curăţă şi se spală ciupercile foar­te bine, dar nu se lasă în apă, ci doar se trec prin mai multe jeturi de apă şi se lasă să se scurgă. E bine să le spălaţi cu mare grijă, ca să nu le rupeţi. Întregi vor arăta mai bine în borcane.

2. Se pregăteşte usturoiul şi se aşază în borcane, tăiat, printre ciuperci. Ciupercile se aşază destul de strânse în borcan. Se presară boabe de piper, foi de dafin şi crenguţe de rozmarin.

3. Separat se pregăteşte zeama, se amestecă oţetul cu uleiul de măsline, sarea, piperul şi apa şi se pun la fiert. Se lasă să fiarbă şi, după ce a dat în 2-3 clocote, să dă de o parte să se răcească. Zeama se răstoarnă peste ciuperci şi se acoperă borcanul etanş.Se lasă 2 zile la murat.

4. Sunt foarte gustoase dacă le serviţi cu orez la cuptor preparat astfel: se spală orezul şi se bagă la cuptor cu şofranul, apa şi untul.

Alimentația în Roma Antică – prânzul sau Prandium

După micul dejun, alimentația în Roma Antică cuprindea și o gustare înainte de Prandium. La masa de prânz, patricienii serveau pește, omletă rece cu sparanghel și meduze sau carne de prepeliță, friptură de gâscă sau țipari. După aceea, romanii serveau friptură de mistreț, porc, vită, găină, rață, cârnați, pește sau fructe de mare precum midii, scoici, melci, calamari, creveți sau moluște.

Tot la masa de prânz erau servite scroafe fripte, alături de purcei fripți la proțap sau pește îmbibat în sosuri cu verdeață, capete de mistreți unse cu miere și încoronate cu lauri din frunze de măslin, păuni fripți decorați cu pene sau chifle umplute cu carne de porumbel. Așadar, alimentația în Roma Antică era un adevărat festin, mai ales pentru romanii avuți, ce se desfătau cu cele mai distinse preparate din imperiu.

Desigur, lista de preparate nu se oprește aici, deoarece în Aupicius există numeroase rețete de mult uitate în istorie, pe care romanii la serveau în acea perioadă. Una dintre aceste rețete istorice este salata columella, preparată din cimbru, mentă, pătrunjel, coriandru, praz, ceapă, salată verde și brânză proaspătă, zdrobite laolaltă într-un mortar și amestecate cu oțet piperat. Acest preparat din Aupicius era servit cu ulei de măsline pe deasupra.

Te întrebi ce alte rețete mai cuprindea alimentația în Roma Antică? Ei bine, ouăle fierte cu piper și nuci de pin, amestecate cu oțet și miere și servite alături de sos din pește erau cu siguranță printre preferatele romanilor. De asemenea, rețetele cu linte și coriandru, praz, semințe de mentă, busuioc, oțet și miere de albine erau și ele în topul preparatelor. Sosul cu ton, vițelul prăjit sau patina pentru desert făceau parte, de asemenea, din alimentația romanilor în Roma Antică.

Cel mai consumat și accesibil preparat rămâne însă peștele, ce ulterior a devenit și el un simbol al creștinismului. Plebea se mulțumea și cu salate presărate cu piper sau supă de orz cu morcovi prăjiți.

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