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Fasting Neapolitan dessert

Fasting Neapolitan dessert

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Put water with sugar and cocoa on the fire and let it boil. Remove from the heat and add the margarine then mix until the margarine and sugar are completely melted.

Pour the sauce over the ground biscuits, coconut and rum and mix well.

On the first wafer sheet we put a third of the amount of cream, then the second sheet and so on until we finish with the last wafer sheet.

We put a weight on top to cover the entire surface of the wafer and refrigerate for 10 minutes after which it can be portioned as desired.

Store in the refrigerator covered with cling film.

Desert (v.)

c. 1600, transitive, & quotto leave, abandon, & quot either in a good or bad sense 1640s, in reference to military service or duty, & quotleave without permission & quot from French déserter & quotcause to leave, & quot literally & quotundo or sever connection, & quot from Late Latin desertare, frequentative of Latin deserere & quotto abandon, to leave, forsake, give up, leave in the lurch, & quot from de & quotundo & quot (see de-) + serere & quotjoin together, put in a row & quot (from PIE root * ser- (2) & quotto line up & quot). Intransitive sense of & quotquit (a service or post) without permission & quot is from 1680s. Related: Deserted deserting.

c. 1200, & quotwasteland, wilderness, barren area, & quot wooded or not, from Old French desert (12c.) & quotdesert, wilderness, wasteland destruction, ruin & quot and directly from Late Latin desertum (source of Italian diserto, Old Provençal dezert, Spanish desierto ), literally & quotthing abandoned & quot (used in Vulgate to translate & quotwilderness & quot), noun use of neuter past participle of Latin deserere & quotforsake & quot (see desert (v.)).

Sense of & quotwaterless, treeless region of considerable extent & quot was in Middle English and gradually became the main meaning. Classical Latin indicated this idea with deserta, plural of desertus. Commonly spelled desart in 18c., Which is unetymological, but it avoids confusion with the two other senses of the word.

c. 1300, & quotfact of deserving a certain treatment (for good or ill) for one & # x27s behavior, & quot from Old French deserte & quotmerit, recompense, & quot noun use of past participle of deservir & quotbe worthy to have, & quot ultimately from Latin deservire & quotserve well, & quot from de- & quotcompletely & quot (see de-) + servire & quotto serve & quot (see serve (v.)). Meaning & quotsuitable reward or punishment, what one deserves & quot (now usually plural and with just), is from late 14c.

mid-13c., & quotdeserted, uncultivated, waste, barren, unproductive, & quot from Old French desert and Latin desertum (see desert (n.1)). Meaning & quotpertaining to or belonging to a desert & quot is from 1630s. Desert island, one that is uninhabited, is from c. 1600.

Mayoral voters' No. 1 concern is public safety - why can't the left get it?

Greetings from - anywhere but the Big Apple.

Mayor Bill de Blasio wandered back onto the campaign trail Thursday, hitting the dusty Nevada desert after failing to make the third round of the Democratic presidential primary debate.

The mayor, who & # 8217s spurred a snide political watcher to put & # 8220MISSING & # 8221 posters with Hizzoner & # 8217s face on them around the city, posted a video of himself on Instagram rambling around Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas around noon pacific time.

& # 8220I love being here in Nevada at Red Rock National Park. Those aren’t so red, & # 8221 de Blasio says with an awkward laugh, gesturing to the dung-colored mountainside behind him. & # 8220But there are some real red rocks in other parts of the park and it’s an incredible place. & # 8221

& # 8220Everyone check it out! & # 8221 de Blasio says in the video, sounding more like a hospitality ambassador for the western state than the mayor of America & # 8217s greatest city.

The video drew a rebuke from a former staffer.

& # 8220It must be getting awfully hard for staff working hard in City Hall only to look up and see the mayor merrily wandering some mountainside in the middle of the day on the other side of the country, & # 8221 the source steamed.

De Blasio is refusing to take a permanent vacation from the campaign trail even though he & # 8217s is one of 10 candidates who did not make the Sept. 12 debate in Houston. To qualify they had to draw 130,000 donors and 2% in at least four polls.

The presidential hopefuls who will face off next month include former Vice President Joe Biden New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro California Sen. Kamala Harris Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

“The largest mirror in the world”, the Salar de Uyuni in Potosí, Bolivia is the largest salt desert in the world and is over 10,000 square kilometers in area. Following rain, a thin layer of water transforms the flat desert into a 129 kilometer mirror, the largest on Earth.

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wow, who would have thought Tokyo ghoul would be accurate.

Ikr. first time I went on a date she tried to kill me.

Now, how do you turn said mirror effect into a giant telescope?

It’s only a mirror when it rains. The rest of the time it’s like riding / walking on a blinding, white, flat, salty planet where it’s easy to get lost and die. The high altitude really screws with your mind. You can also fall into an underground salt water cave and die. If you stay outside at night unprotected during the wrong time of year you’ll also die from hypothermia. It gets very cold at night. Salt blocks are excellent at insulating so you’d need to make a salt igloo to survive if you don’t die of dehydration first.

Also one of the most beautiful natural wonders on this planet. I’d go again in a heartbeat.

Source - been there, our tour guide was awesome and it’s by far the best family pics we’ve ever taken. We all cherish those memories.

How to prepare fasting sweet rice. Fasting dessert ready immediately: Pudding of. If it is not served as a side dish, then the sweet pilaf is a delicious dessert appreciated by both adults. How many times have you not felt the need for something sweet and had only rice and sugar in the house? You wanted something fast, something that would satisfy you.

Well, this suggestion is more. The rice cake is the perfect fasting cake, it is easy to make and it is delicious.

'Jesus' face' uncovered at ancient church in the Israeli desert

A previously-unknown 1,500-year-old painting of Christ's face, believed to date from the sixth century A.D., has been uncovered at a Byzantine church in Israel's Negev desert. In the painting, Christ is depicted next to a much larger figure, which is probably John the Baptist.

A previously unknown 1,500-year-old painting of Christ’s face has been uncovered at a Byzantine church in Israel’s Negev desert.

The discovery in the ancient Byzantine village of Shivta has thrilled archaeologists. Although the painting is fragmented, experts from Israel’s University of Haifa were able to make out the facial outline. Their research was published recently in the journal Antiquity.

The painting, which is believed to date from the sixth century, depicts Jesus as a short-haired youth.

"Christ's face in this painting is an important discovery in itself," they explained in their paper. "It belongs to the iconographic scheme of a short-haired Christ, which was especially widespread in Egypt and Syro-Palestine, but gone from later Byzantine art."

The face of Christ with proposed reconstruction. (Photograph by Dror Maayan / Antiquity)

The painting was briefly noted in the 1920s, but has now undergone more analysis. In their study, the University of Haifa archaeologists explain that Christ is depicted next to a much larger figure, which is probably John the Baptist. "The location of the scene - above the [church's] crucifix-shaped Baptist font - suggests its identification as the baptism of Christ," said the study's authors.

Experts describe the painting’s discovery as extremely important, noting that it predates the religious iconography used in the Orthodox Christian Church. "Thus far, it is the only in situ baptism-of-Christ scene to date confidently to the pre-iconoclastic Holy Land," they said in the study. "Therefore, it can illuminate Byzantine Shivta's Christian community and Early Christian art across the region."

The painting is the latest fascinating archaeological discovery in Israel. Engravings of ships, for example, were recently found on an ancient water cistern discovered in a city in the Negev desert.

The Baptistry Chamber (on right) where the painting was found. (Photograph by Dror Maayan / Antiquity)

In a separate project, archaeologists recently confirmed the first full spelling of “Jerusalem” on an ancient stone inscription excavated in the area of ​​Jerusalem’s International Convention Center, known as Binyanei Ha’Uma.

In another project, experts discovered a site that may offer fresh insight into the ancient biblical kingdom of David and Solomon. In a separate archaeological dig, a trove of bronze coins, the last remnants of an ancient Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire, were recently discovered near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

In February, archaeologists announced the discovery of a clay seal mark that may bear the signature of the biblical Prophet Isaiah.

Remnants of the baptism-of-Christ scene (indicated by white arrow) on the apse of the Baptistry chamber. (Photograph by Dror Maayan / Antiquity)

Other recent finds include the skeleton of a pregnant woman, dating back 3,200 years, in Israel’s Timna Valley, at a place once called King Solomon’s Mines.

At the site of an ancient city on the West Bank, archaeologists are also hunting for evidence of the tabernacle that once housed the Ark of the Covenant.

Some experts also believe they have found the lost Roman city of Julias, formerly the village of Bethsaida, which was the home of Jesus' apostles Peter, Andrew and Philip.

Mojave Desert

Where is the Mojave Desert?

A majority of the Mojave Desert is located in southeastern California and southern Nevada, with smaller portions in Utah and Arizona. The Mojave Desert occupies approximately 43,750 square miles and is considered the smallest and driest desert in the United States.

The Mojave Desert is situated in a transitional zone between the Great Basin Desert to the north and the Sonoran Desert to the south (mainly between 34 and 38 ° N latitudes).

The Mojave Desert, a rain-shadow desert, is defined by a combination of latitude, elevation, geology, and indicator plants.

Badwater Death Valley 282 feet Below Sea Level

What is the Mojave Desert famous for?

The Mojave Desert is famous for having the hottest air temperature and surface temperature recorded on earth and the lowest elevation in North America.

Furnace Creek, located in Death Valley, recorded 134 F (56.7 C) on July 10th, 2013. On July 15th, 1972, the surface temperature in Furnace Creek was recorded at 201 F (93.9 C).

Badwater Basin, located in Death Valley, is the lowest elevation in the United States. At its lowest point, Badwater Basin measures 279 feet (85 m) below sea level.

Dust Devil in the Mojave Desert

Geography of the Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert has a typical mountain-and-basin topography with sparse vegetation. Sand and gravel basins drain into central salt flats from which borax, potash and salt are extracted. Silver, tungsten, gold and iron deposits are also present in the Mojave Desert.

Elevations are generally between three and six thousand feet, although Death Valley National Park includes both 11,049-foot Telescope Peak and the lowest point in the United States, 282 feet below sea level, at Badwater Basin.

Weather in the Mojave Desert

Temperatures are a function of both latitude and altitude. Although the Mojave Desert has the lowest absolute elevation and the highest maximum temperature (134 ° F in Death Valley), it is north of the Sonoran Desert and its average elevations are higher. As a result, its average temperatures are lower than those of the Sonoran Desert.

Plants in the Mojave Desert

Occasional catclaws grow along streams. But, unlike the Sonoran Desert, trees are few, both in numbers and diversity in the Mojave Desert. The exception is the Joshua tree. While this unusual tree-like yucca is usually considered the prime indicator of Mojave Desert vegetation, it occurs only at higher elevations in this desert and only in this desert.

The Mojave Desert hosts about 200 endemic plant species found in neither of the adjacent deserts. Cactus are usually restricted to the coarse soils of bajadas. Mojave yucca and, at higher elevations desert Spanish bayonet, a narrow-leafed yucca, are prominent. Creosote bush, shadscale, big sagebrush, bladder-sage, bursages and blackbush are common shrubs of the Mojave Desert.

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Cook once converted one of his stoves to burn oil. The stove exploded, throwing him across the room and burning his left arm up to the elbow.

& # 8220That went back to wood, & # 8221 he said. & # 8220The wife and kids said I can & # 8217t play with oil anymore. & # 8221

The rent he collects supplements the $ 1,400 he gets from Social Security and from Veterans Affairs payments for a service-connected disability. The money supports himself, his wife and four of their six grandchildren.

Cook & # 8217s back was injured driving an M60 Patton tank during maneuvers at Fort Riley, Kan., When he was in the Army in the 1980s. Directed to break away from a tank formation at a 45-degree angle, his vehicle climbed a slight embankment and slammed down into a tank trap he hadn & # 8217t seen.

& # 8220It was an old tank trap for training, & # 8221 he said, & # 8220No one knew it was there, and when (the tank) came down, it flipped and pitched me out like a lawn dart. & # 8221

The accident blew off eight of the tank & # 8217s 24 road wheels and damaged discs in Cook & # 8217s back.

Cook acknowledges that life in the desert is difficult. But neighbors are scarce, the skies are clear, the vast empty desert is quiet and the Milky Way lights the night.

& # 8220I live out here because I don & # 8217t have to listen to all the crap that goes on in the city and town. All you hear is sirens, & # 8221 he said. & # 8220I like quiet. I don & # 8217t have to worry about listening to bellyache neighbors.

& # 8220I & # 8217ll die right here because I like being out in the middle of nowhere. & # 8221

Retz Desert

François Racine de Monville had at his disposal a large estate on the edge of a 2,000-hectare-forest, in the commune of Chambourcy, about 15 km to the west of Paris. Being an 18th-century French aristocrat with a sizeable passive income generated from numerous land holdings in Normandy, Monville had little to worry about finances, so he spent most of his spare time learning new social skills and honing his many talents that made him very popular. at parties. A handsome and charming man, Monville danced so well that he was invited to all the balls. He was an accomplished horseman, excelled at fencing, played the flute and the harp, and could shoot a bow-and-arrow & # 8220as well as an Indian. & # 8221 But it was in architecture and landscape design where he really blossomed.

Moneville & # 8217s architectural virtuosity can be sampled at the aforementioned estate which the aristocrat bought in 1774. Moneville called it Désert de Retz, On the sprawling grounds of this 40-hectare estate, Monville erected nearly two dozen follies, each representing different periods of history and parts of the world. There was a Chinese house, a ruined Gothic church, a decaying Greek temple, an Egyptian obelisk, a Tatar tent, and an ice-house in the form of a pyramid. The best-known feature was the Broken Column House, so named because it took the form of a ruined classical column. Inside the truncated structure ran a spiral staircase connected to four or five floors with rooms for Monville & # 8217s visitors, although Monville himself preferred to stay in the much smaller Chinese House. Among the many personalities and guests Monville entertained at his unusual residence included Queen Marie Antoinette, Thomas Jefferson, Emperor Joseph II of Austria and King Gustavus III of Sweden.

When the Revolution broke out, Monville sold Désert de Retz with the intention of fleeing the country, but he did not. Perhaps the swiftly changing political landscape during the Revolution influenced him to remain. In 1794, Monville was arrested and imprisoned, having been found guilty by a Revolutionary Tribunal. He was released less than three months later, eight days after Maximilien Robespierre's execution, which marked the end of the Terror. Monville & # 8217s short stint in prison broke him down both physically and physiologically, and he died in compromised health three years later at the age of 64.

Désert de Retz passed through the hands of a number of owners. In the 1930s the garden was abandoned and went into a long period of decline. During this period, a number of structures, most lamentably the Chinese House, crumbled away and disappeared.

The garden was rediscovered in the 1950s by André Breton and his Surrealist friends. Since the mid-1980s the Désert de Retz has undergone a concerted restoration, returning portions of the landscape to as they were during Monville's time. The Column House in particular has been carefully renovated.

A cross section of the Broken Column House at the Désert de Retz. Photo: Anglo-Chinese Gardens / Wikimedia Commons

Aphrodisiacs, Aphrodite's favorite foods, the goddess of beauty and love

Who said fasting food can't be tasty? Here is a unique recipe!

  • 100 g soy slices
  • 1 bunch green onions
  • 4 potatoes
  • 2 carrots
  • 3 slices of bread soaked in water
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 10 peppercorns
  • biscuit
  • salt
  • pepper
  • oil, for frying
  • 100 g of vegetable mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon mustard
  • 4-5 finely chopped parsley leaves
  • 2 crushed garlic cloves
  • 6 digits
  • 6 lettuce leaves
  • sliced ​​tomatoes
  • chopped bell peppers
  • cucumber slices

Video: Napoleon Cake Recipe. Russian Torte Napoleon (June 2022).


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