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Monique Péan's Woolly Mammoth & Dinosaur Bone Necklace Is More Eco-Friendly Than You Might Think

Monique Péan's Woolly Mammoth & Dinosaur Bone Necklace Is More Eco-Friendly Than You Might Think

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We confess we have a weakness for all things gold, and feel much less guilty about stocking up on all those baubles when we splurge on eco-friendly and sustainable designs—so when we spotted this Monique Péan collared necklace we were basically in heaven. Made from fossilized woolly mammoth, fossilized woolly mammoth tooth root, gray fossilized dinosaur bone, 1.09 carats of white diamonds and 18 karat white gold, it sounds like an environmentalist's nightmare; in actuality it's probably one of the most eco-friendly, luxury jewelry pieces we've seen. Péan's eponymous label is committed to social and environmental responsibility and uses 100 percent recycled gold as a base for all their jewelry. The fossilized bones are sourced from indigenous Alaskan Natives near the Arctic Circle using fair trade standards, while the diamonds are conflict and devastation free—only purchased in countries that are free from conflict and participate in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, a cooperative that monitors the import and export of diamonds and uses environmentally responsible mines. Which means we're going to be snapping up this collar ASAP. Besides, if it's good for Mother Nature, it's good for our wardrobe.




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