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Top Chef’s 'Last Chance Kitchen' Returns Tonight

Top Chef’s 'Last Chance Kitchen' Returns Tonight

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The show's online companion gives eliminated cheftestants a shot at redemption

If a popular TV show can find a compelling way to engage their audience via multiple platforms, then that’s something worth holding onto. The folks at Bravo know that they have a winner on their hands with Last Chance Kitchen, their web-only series to Top Chef that airs on directly after a contestant is eliminated and gives them a chance to redeem themselves, and it’ll be returning tonight for its second season.

The Emmy-nominated digital video series, hosted by chef Tom Colicchio, will debut tonight at 11:01 p.m. — immediately after Top Chef: Seattle concludes — and will pit the eliminated contestant against chefs previously eliminated this season. It continues each week until the finale, when the last chef standing will be guaranteed a spot in the final episode.

But that’s not all: The competition rises to a new level with the launch of "Save a Chef" tomorrow, Nov. 29. Each week, fans can vote for one of two chefs who were already eliminated from Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen to move onto the next round of "Save a Chef." The winner will earn a spot in the finale of Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen. Fans can vote on, via Twitter by tweeting the cheftestant’s name with the hashtag #SaveChef (insert chef’s name), or by texting 27286 (BRAVO).

Watch the video: Last Chance Kitchen Full Episode: One More Win And Youre In Episode 6. Bravo (June 2022).


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