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Desert cake Steliana

Desert cake Steliana

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Beat the egg whites together with a pinch of salt and, when the foam starts to form, add the sugar, mixing well. Add the yolks one by one, then the baking powder, flour and walnuts, mixing from now on with a spatula from the bottom up so that it remains aerated. Pour into a round saucepan, prepared with baking sheet, put in the preheated oven for about 35 minutes on low heat. Leave to cool.


Prepare the syrup with water and sugar, let it boil for 5-10 minutes, remove from the heat and add rum essence to taste. Leave to cool.

Hazelnut cream:

In a saucepan, mix the egg yolks with the sugar, Bourbon vanilla sugar and flour well, pouring the warm milk into a thin layer. Boil over low heat until thickened. Remove from the heat, add the browned and ground butter and hazelnuts and mix well. Leave to cool.

For glazed hazelnuts on the cake:

Brown some hazelnuts in a saucepan with a little salt, without oil. Leave to cool, clean the skins.

Chocolate glaze:

Melt the assorted chocolate (white, with milk and bitter, each to taste) in a saucepan on a steam bath. Leave it to cool a bit to support it on your finger. Melt the hazelnuts in melted chocolate and refrigerate until used for decoration.

Beat the whipped cream until it becomes thick.

Then mix the remaining chocolate with whipped cream, more or less, depending on the desired consistency. I put 2 tablespoons of cream.

Assembly and Decoration:

Cut the top and syrup. Fill with hazelnut cream. Dress the cake in chocolate icing, garnish with whipped cream flowers and glazed hazelnuts, sprinkle with colored sugar.

Let cool until serving.

Gates: 15

Total time: approx. 3h 30min

Good appetite!

If you like my recipe, you can also find it on my blog:

Dessert Steliana Cake - Recipes

THE DRAMA of a ROMANIAN DOCTOR in NORWAY or how the Romanian Consulate in Oslo makes fun of its citizens.

It so happened that I arrived in Norway in 2013 and settled here in 2014. I can't say that I started from 0, but from minus. I didn't have anyone here. Without a family, without knowing the language, I started working in different fields using English and at the same time learning Norwegian. In the end, I managed to equate my studies and reach a high level of knowledge of the Norwegian language and thus I ended up continuing my medical career. Here that in the meantime I got married and in January 2018 our dear little girl was born. My problems start with IDs that expired in March. The situation made it impossible for me to renew my passport in Romania before it expired, and now I have absolutely no identity card in Norway! All the work and effort to get to where I am now seems a trifle compared to the stress and despair of the last few months when I tried to make an appointment at the Romanian Consulate in Oslo to get an identity card.

The Romanian Consulate in Oslo always sends me to a website to make an appointment. It sounds simple, but in fact it IS NOT! The site has big problems. In the spring it always had errors and every time I tried to go to the "next step" it crashed. Moreover, for a person who has no valid document, the process is IMPOSSIBLE. I actually circle the requests. I called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest and I was told how to complete it. I was even sent an animated video with the steps to follow. Said and done. Obviously the request "still needs to be completed". I already see red in front of my eyes when I get the message "REQUEST FOR COMPLETION".

Only with the application for the Travel Title did I manage to move on. This was approved for me and I was able to move on to the next step, that of EFFECTIVELY PROGRAMMING ON THE SITE. Do I click and what do my eyes see?

A message written in red: "No available intervals were found in the next 12 months from the date you entered. Please enter another date and resume your search."

During all this time (several months) I also sent emails to try to make an appointment at the Consulate. I was only answered twice with "please make an appointment on the site". I explain that I fail. I am no longer answered. I'm calling the Consulate's phone number. I am always told, "How come you don't succeed, madam? But how did others succeed?" Well, just like that, how did others succeed?

I go on Facebook and see that there are actually many in my situation. The Facebook page of the Consulate is full of sad stories of Romanian citizens trying to make an appointment.

In May I went personally to the Consulate. My only wish was to get an appointment! So to get a DATE ON WHICH I CAN PRESENT WITH THE DOCUMENTS.

I am greeted by a man who tells me they still have seats in August. I tell him it's okay and ask him if he can schedule me. The answer was no, to schedule on the site. I explain that I failed and that I traveled 10 hours by car and 4-month-old baby to make an appointment. Tired and nervous, I start to cry. Answer: no, you can't.

He laughs in my face

Moreover, he starts laughing in my face as to why I waited so long to register my marriage. He asks me why so urgently now if I got married in September 2016. Obviously, I didn't know that I had to register my marriage in RO in order to get a passport, given that I did NOT change my name. He tells me something else, then sends a lady who tells me SOMETHING ELSE and. he sends me home. I ask her to write what I need, but she makes me write after dictation. Obviously, no one takes responsibility for the information I give you.

I'm so tired I can't stop crying. It is not easy to work 100%, 8 hours a day (I returned to work when the girl was only 6 weeks old), to breastfeed your child at night every 2 hours and to dedicate time to the Consulate whose officials are put there in principle to criticize or hang up the phone in the middle of the conversation.

The last time I called was on Thursday, July 26, 2018. The person on the other end of the phone tells me that he doesn't understand why I can't schedule since there is free data. In the end, I also go to the site and see that yes, indeed, some available data suddenly appeared, 3 days in September. I ask the representative of the Consulate what his name is. I am told that it is not my business to call him. Hang up. I call again and ask the secretary if it's possible to talk to someone else and if it's normal for her not to show up on the phone. The secretary does not reveal the name of the previous one either and apologizes to him that he was in a hurry and that he entered the break. I am informed that consulate officials are not required to report and that they represent the institution. I am speechless. In the end, a gentleman with a gentle and calm voice contacts me (I didn't dare ask him his name for fear that my phone won't close in my nose) who proposes that I sign up once after September 16th. Then I could solve all the necessary documents. I enter the site, but obviously, there is no free data and I do not know how to "appear" so sporadically this free data. Probably I should take time off work and lurk on the Consulate website, maybe, maybe another date or an hour, free.

The fact that programming is done ONLY ON THE WEBSITE is a discrimination against Romanians with disabilities (eg blind people), people past their prime who find it difficult to surf the Internet or those who do not actually have access to the Internet. It's not normal to go through so much circus to GET A SCHEDULE!

* And speaking of "how others managed to make an appointment" well, it just so happens that on the day I was personally at the Consulate there was someone else in my situation. That person also had an expired passport and ID. I ask her how she managed to program herself. He tells me that he did not make the appointment on the site as it is impossible and that someone from Romania helped him.

He was left without any identity card

CONCLUSION: I am a Romanian citizen (unfortunately) in Norway without any valid identity document. I don't have a driving license, I don't have a bank card with a picture (I haven't been to Norway for 5 years).

I can't pick up anything from the post office because I DON'T HAVE ANY IDENTITY ID!

At the moment I can't pick up the type A nets I need to prescribe morphine-based preparations.

In a few months I should go further in the specialization and work 6 months as a family doctor which I CANNOT because I need a ByPass card to log in and write prescriptions online, but it is still "waiting" for me at mail because not having an identity card I can NOT pick it up. My career is obviously damaged.

So is my family life. It's a constant stress primarily for me. My husband doesn't understand how difficult it can be to get an appointment either. That we will not have a holiday / honeymoon this year either and that we will probably lose all the money already given, I don't even think it's worth mentioning that nobody cares anyway.


Chocolate bow for cake

step 1. Prepare the templates for the "quotes" of the plastic bow of a paper folder. I made 14. Six wider and the other narrower.

step 2. Break the chocolate into pieces and place in a steamer.

step 3. Stir continuously so that it melts evenly and does not remain lumpy.

step 4. Grease the plastic "petals" with chocolate.

step 5. Allow them to harden the chocolate a little for about 2 minutes, just so that it does not drain, then bend as in the picture and catch it with tongs.

step 6. Let cool for about 5-10 minutes until hardened.

step 7. When they have cooled, carefully peel off the plastic strips. And on a chocolate circle we start the assembly, putting a drop of melted chocolate.

step 8. I suggest keeping your hands in cold water before arranging it. From the warmth of your hands you can have unpleasant surprises. And in a cool room. Good luck!

Gluten-free corn and orange cake & # 8211 a delicious and easy to make dessert

The corn cake is a unique dessert, but very tasty. Porridge is good not only for polenta. From it you can make delicious desserts, such as this orange-flavored cake that Italians love.

The texture and aroma of the cake are improved the day after baking, so try to refrain from eating this dessert on the same day you prepare it.

The recipe is very easy and ready in a maximum of one hour. You can decorate the cake with corn syrup and flavored with a little powdered sugar or topping with fresh seasonal fruit or dried fruit. You can serve it with a cup of tea or hot milk.

See below the ingredients and how to prepare it.

Elena's kitchen

I saw that there are all kinds of discussions on the subject: jam or jam? And what is the difference between them. I am convinced that those who have assumed the difference know what the difference is, but it is fashionable to do the interesting! Everyone with their opinion, that's how you get to live a hundred years, right? For me, exactly, just for me, jam means 2-3 teaspoons of cherries, sour cherries or walnuts, rose petals floating in the enveloping, protective syrup, placed on a porcelain plate, next to a glass of cold water from the well placed, the glass and saucer, on a beautiful "board" with embroidered napkins next to it. It was the supreme appreciation of an unknown guest, who was not only invited to the table! But also proof that you are a polite host and a housewife. Yeah. Now I make jams from many fruits or. vegetables. But, a lot of calories, a lot of sugar, so I started to prefer jams. Why? The amounts of sugar used are smaller - the fruit juice itself is used intensively - and its compact mass, the fruit being crushed, makes it friendly with other desserts or turns it into garnishes. It is easier to "stain" over some butter, on a slice of bread, toasted or not, for a tea. Especially in cold or rainy seasons. For now this mango. But I will also show you the melon with tomatoes (yes, you read that right!). And some jams you are not familiar with, including carrots with tomatoes.

You need:
1 mango, pulp only
200 g white sugar, not brown because the color of the jam changes and you will not like it
1 branch of lemon
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

This is a clean, ripe, beautifully colored and flavorful mango.


How beautiful is the picture with the jar turned! Until I read to you, I didn't even know that there is a debate on jam-jam, for me jam is always the liquid one in which whole fruits or pieces can still be distinguished, and jam is that spreadable fruit paste. There is also the skin which is in fact a very thick syrup, strained and without the possibility to "see" what fruit it was made of, maybe only by the smell to be felt. At least that's how I classify them.

I should probably start working on how mango is now in high season here. I haven't killed myself yet with the debate on the subject of jam-jam. What does it matter in the end what it's called as long as it's delicious?
kiss with love

What a beautiful color. picture of the & quotsuspended & jam is great)
I don't like mango alone alone .. it seems too intense for my taste, but with other fruits it works)

elena, congratulations on this gorgeous sweetness! looks splendid!

Kadia, that's why I put the picture with the jar, to see how consistent it becomes when cooled. I know you're right about these "classifications", but I've seen so many discussions that I couldn't wait to point out that it's a bottomless discussion. Sorry I expressed my frustration.

Sarah, if I had the discretion, being the mango fruit season with you, I would also make mango chutney. So, I prefer to make only ice cream, jam, salsa. Pup and me, my dear!

Olgutza, in ice cream, next to coconut milk, is not too strong flavor. As for the jam, the lemon and the lemon are cut from the & quotfoc & quot. But, maybe it doesn't seem so pregnant to me because I really like this fruit.

I = do special things
you post, I'm sure I'll try them! :))

Elena, I see that you have become a mango addict, when ice cream, when I moan, you decided to make me get to work I see), I kiss you dearly

I can't see my jar. When you put the package. A good day! In friendship, Cami

Ralus: Elena posted recipes and was delighted that Ralus liked her. Hi. hi, hi.

Yafa, my dear, I would be very happy if you tried. I'm sure you'd like that flavor.

Cami, your jar is set aside, in the pantry, for some spices, because otherwise it would not last. Plus one watermelon with tomatoes. If you want, I'll pack! Seriously!

I never did, but to be honest after seeing you seems to tempt me to try. looks great, Elena.
A good evening!

If you allow me, I add that if you don't notice the lemon branch, I use two or three geranium leaves created that have a special smell as a plant.

We exchange to write me an email what you want. I have a list of many Asians for you. I better buy the whole store, or at least one of them. It doesn't work to post comments on watermelon jam with tomatoes. I don't even have the imagination to figure out what it would taste like. My beloved husband shook a few times when I told him about the combination. I clicked on find out more there, hoping that the comment box would appear and he brought me here. blogger still working maybe. You also had an email from me with a request, it seems to have been resolved. Or evening work! i tzuc you1 Cami

Steliana, the geranium created as you call it, is actually INDRUSAIM. I know it's good, and I put it, but not mango. Here it only needs a vague lemon aroma, so as not to affect the natural scent of the fruit. It is possible to walk a leaf or two lemon greens. Look, watermelon jam with tomatoes is ideal.

Cami, my dear, you are a darling! I think her husband grimaced when he heard, because it's normal. Most raise their eyebrows, but it's very good. Now, I don't know if the same can be done with tomatoes and melons on your market. But I think so, because if necessary the mixer is turned on. I don't know why it didn't work, it didn't take my labeling either. It was temporary, because now I have a comment box and labels. I'm sorry I missed you and I couldn't help you with the blog! I'm waiting to make some more of these curiosities and I'll send you an email to set up for a package, because I can send it to you by bus, without customs, mail, etc. A nice Sunday!

Banana checks

step 1. Beat the eggs, sugar and melted butter well until the sugar dissolves.

step 2. Add kefir and mix. Then add the bananas. We can grind them with a fork or a blender until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

step 3. Sift the flour together with salt and soda (unquenched). The soda still needs to be sifted. We mix.

step 4. Arrange the dough in buttered forms.

step 5. Bake for 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. After the time has elapsed, leave the cakes in the oven with the door ajar for another 5 minutes.

Muffins with salmon and sweet potato

Salmon is one of our favorite meats, it rarely happens that there is something left for the next day. But when it stays, I think I'll somehow recycle it. That's how these muffins I made for breakfast came out, but with large terminators I can't mess with a fruit for breakfast :))). The pope needs a serious child. But they also go well served for dinner or snacks. They come out soft and slightly damp inside and they were very successful with us. Even I, the fit of the world, devoured as much as Termi left me :). I don't go any further and I present you the muffins with salmon and sweet potato, for the moments when there will be something left over and you don't know what to do with it. It's like being served like this for two days in a row, it doesn't work very well.


120g sweet potato given on a small grater

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

100g pre-cooked salmon (or any other fish)

2 tablespoons white flour type 650

1. I turned on the oven to preheat it to medium heat, 180 degrees.

2. In a bowl I put the two eggs and drank them a little. Then I added sweet potatoes, yogurt, olive oil, salmon and pepper.

3. I mixed and at the end I added the two tablespoons of flour. I incorporated these nicely and I put the dough obtained in muffin tins and put everything in the oven until they browned nicely.

Theoretically I should have kept them for about half an hour, but nah & # 8230viata with Termi is not easy so they came out very well penetrated :))), a little burned on the bottom, but buuuune! I almost fought Gandacios on them!

Restaurant Hora Cluj-Napoca

To be honest, before starting the search for a restaurant to baptize his baby, I did not give much importance to the restaurant Hora, although it is in the area where we live. When I was looking for a restaurant for baptism, I had several search criteria: the first was to be as close to home as possible, so we could run to the baby in case of something, the second was to be an intimate place, with good service and special food, but which will still allow us to bring in spirits, wine and cake and especially which will not inflate our prices considering the date chosen for the baptism - Valentine & # 8217s Day. I wanted a lot, I know, but it looks like I found them all at Hora restaurant.

The restaurant may not look glorious at first glance, but what surprised me was that once the meal was arranged, it looks very very ok. For arranging the table so that we feel like we are at a boy's baptism, I have to thank my dear friend Dani, the founder of the decorations company for weddings and special events & # 8211 Accolade Events, a fairly new company but which promises a lot . In addition, the tables next to us, reserved for couples for Valentine's Day were in turn very nicely arranged, with a lot of good taste, fruit pyramids, etc. The choir is intimate, it has around 70 seats, I understand and it is located near a well-known park in Cluj - Engles Park, in a very good area, Andrei Muresanu District.

The menu came out at 78 lei, just to give you an idea and contained strictly our food, spirits and wine, and the soft drinks, beer and coffee from them, a la carte.

I had this:
cold appetizer: pork schnitzel, chicken terrine, cheese terrine, stuffed mushrooms au gratin, assorted salad of various salads with yogurt sauce, dried salami, ham roll with horseradish, tomatoes stuffed with cheese and olives. They completed the appetizer with a sweet chilli sauce and an onion garnish with orange peel and raisins (it had a very special taste)

steak: grilled boneless chicken legs, grilled pork neck and a cutlet. We garnish the golden potatoes and rice with vegetables + cabbage salad with tomatoes.

desert it was really special, both as a presentation and as a taste: sweet cheese pudding with fresh fruit sauce, pancakes filled with ice cream and nuts and au gratin, walnut dessert with forest fruits. All with a slice of cake, of course.

We were really happy with the service, although to be honest, after the unpleasant experience I had with Vila Tusa (aka Tulip Inn) in Faget, Cluj, on the occasion of organizing another event, I was afraid of waiters and especially by the swelling of the bill at the end. I was not allowed to see this, on the contrary, everything was impeccable. I received even the last remaining slice of cake, a new experience for us… I think it's a remarkable thing, because in general at such & # 8220sindrofii & # 8221 you kind of steal and drink too much, the old saying of the people. This reminds me again of Villa Tusa, a painful memory for me…

Ok, that's about what I have to say about the Hora restaurant, but I can't publish the post without telling you about the christening cake, ordered at the Caffe Lux confectionery. Although at the wedding (and the wedding) the cake did not come out exactly as I wanted, this time the cake came out exactly as I described it (well, not in vain I took 4 pictures from all angles and talked directly with the owner, Mrs. Gojol, I understand). The cake was not big, but it caught the essence of what I wanted. I still don't know what the orange flowers were for, but I think that the lady who decorated the cake found them complementary to the blue and the botoseilor, so pass me by.

It was a very successful event, from all points of view: Christian, emotional, culinary & # 8230

Elena's kitchen

Well, it's the hot season, lots of fruit and everyone is attacking me with ice cream and parfait, which are more or less appetizing. Being on a diet, I try not to eat a lot of sweets, but I can't give up fruit ones. This ice cream has been my favorite since mango appeared on our market. It was love at first sight! And it's so simple, you can't go wrong.

And in the bowl the pulp in the form of puree

As for this mango jam, I'll tell you another time how good it is.

Until then, a cup of fragrant ice cream, not excessively sweet and creamy.


Mmmm, no better idea! I think she's wonderful!

You confused me with this combination, I can't wait to try it!

hmm mango I was going to do too but I hadn't thought about coconut milk. It must be delicious!

Diana, is special in taste, compared to all those made with cream, eggs, fats, etc.

Alison, you will be surprised how good and easy it is to do! The idea is that it must be mixed several times, otherwise the waterier part of coconut milk tends to make ice needles. Otherwise. just very good and light.

Ana, it is also very good from other fruits, prepared like this. I like watermelon (floury and fragrant!) Or very well ripened apricots. But nothing beats this mango.

You tempt me terribly with the cool aromas.
Thank you my dear chalk!

Ana, being a sorcerer must be a delight!
A hug to you, with a lot of friendship.

My dear Tiza, I haven't eaten ice cream for a long time, I prefer the one I made. This seems to me the best and worth doing from time to time, especially in this heat. It's good that you came here to cool off!

Solange, appreciation and thanks for visiting! How nice that you like it, because it is very easy to make, tasty and healthy. I'm going to post and a wonderful mango pancake jelly recipe. And I enjoyed the blog with such beautiful things from Brazil. Sorry if I expressed it correctly!

how much do you mix is it made of foam, like whipped cream?
do you make jam?
Is coconut milk looking for something?
features or which one do you get your hands on?

an excellent idea in this heat! I think I'll try it soon too because I love mango :) I'm curious what texture it has with coconut milk, so far I haven't used it in ice cream

Ralus, mix until the composition becomes frothy, but not like whipped cream. The coconut milk must be well blended. I made the mango jam, I never buy jams and marmalades! I only use coconut milk from this, which can be found at Mega Image, because it seemed very good to me compared to the one in the metal box.

Carmen, the texture is creamy, if mixed a few times until it freezes. Coconut milk tends to separate, to lift the fatter part on top. But the taste is excellent. The fact that it has no additions of animal fats, eggs, etc. it makes it even more dietetic.

I am a loyal consumer of mango fruit
and I want to ask you if coconut milk can be replaced with whipped cream or something.
I live in a small town where specialties are lacking.
Thank you and I send you only good thoughts!

Pictures of cute cupcakes

Hi everyone, It's time for a new week in pictures. I have gathered the most beautiful pictures for you and I decided to show them to you with great pleasure. I had a week of relaxation because I just got out of the clutches of the session. The exams went well, and now is the time to enjoy Cupcakes with personalized themed decoration for wedding / baptism - 15 lei / piece Bd. Simion Bărnuțiu nr.5, Timișoara Monday - Friday: 07:30 - 20:00 Saturday - Sunday: 09:00 - 19:00 Phone: 0256 431 88 Hootin 'for Cupcakes. Turn the simplest muffins into cute owls with just five ingredients. Make the muffins first. I don't know if it makes sense to explain to you how to decorate them, from the pictures it is clear that the steps are very easy. If you have any questions, you can ask me in the comments section Surprise your pair with special cupcakes and give them an unforgettable sweet treat, turned into a story painting. Order adorable gifts online for sweet lovers. This product is sold per kg. One kg contains 10 pieces of cupcakes. Add command mention. Vlady2010 I'm a nice boy and I like girls. View all photo maria_maria355 Sweet words are easy to say, nice things are easy to buy, but nice people are hard. View all photo I had surgery on my brain and I have a facial paresis, I don't have pictures due to my physique. View all phot

Cupcake - home.r

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  • She received a book of cupcake recipes for her birthday, along with silicone shapes. Cupcakes turned out delicious! They are not muffins, they are smaller shapes than muffins. To see photos, simply enter my signature. Strawberry cupcakes: (16 small or 8 large cupcakes) Ingredients: - 2 Mr. flour - 1 pinch of salt

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. Do you like it too? Now it's time to design your own cupcake. Let's be a happy cupcaker Hello, hello! I try, as I promised, to go back to blogging. It's not an easy task, but I hope to succeed. I lost my ability to cook with pictures, my patience to write texts and process pictures, but I hope it will be like riding a bike and getting used to it pretty quickly. The colder the dough, the easier it is to laugh. Before putting the cake pan in the oven, I spread almond flakes on top. Bake the cake for about 40 minutes at 180 degrees in the oven. The last 5 minutes you can give more heat to browning When ready cut. and powdered with sugar

Help her make cupcakes and decorate the cake to your liking. Category: Classic games, Girls games, Games The cutest pets are waiting to make them colorful and more beautiful. Romantic wedding day is coming. The beautiful bride Jane is very happy and looking forward to the most important day. Deși cu siguranță se vor găsi unchi simpatici și rude care vor face poze și vor filma anumite momente speciale, te sfătuim să apelezi la profesioniști pentru a avea o filmare deosebite și cadre potrivite, care să îți aducă aminte, peste ani, toate momentele cheie ale primului eveniment din viața micuțului tău 29.03.2019 - Explore anamariaailiesei's board Kawaii on Pinterest. See more ideas about Ilustrator, Kawaii, Picturi Candy Bar sau masa de desert cu dulciuri nu este plină doar de diverse prăjituri, cocktailuri, brioșe, bomboane, prăjituri și înghețată. Zona dulce este un loc confortabil pentru nuntă pentru oaspeți, unde vă puteți bucura de gustul rafinat al capodoperelor culinare, să gustați băuturile prezentate, să faceți poze, să.

Orice cu poze cu . 2018 Partid marele dezvălui! Băuturile de mâncare: Bomboane de bomboane Fii un copil din nou cu aceste cupcakes adorabile. Un vârtej de bomboane din bumbac roz și albastru păstrează secretul în siguranță până la dezvăluirea mare. Păstrați sezonul în stil cu ideile noastre drăguțe de petrecere a. Cine nu iubește hainele drăguțe pentru copii? Le vedeți în reviste de comandă prin poștă, buticuri de designer și în mall-uri. Lucru pentru tine, daca ai o masina de brodat, poti sa-ti creezi singuri aceste decoratiuni adorabile. Dacă dețineți o mașină de brodat, vă amintiți ce v-ați îndemnat să faceți prima dvs. achiziție 19.02.2019 - Explore Emilya Peter's board Humor on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fotografie de natură, Mesaje dulci, Citate despre prietenia adevărată Sunt acele mici momente ce te fac să zâmbești. Sunt acele lucruri mărunte pe lângă care trecem de multe ori fără să le observăm, fiindcă locurile în care le găsim sunt banale sau neașteptate. Dar sunt acele mărunțișuri drăguțe ce fac ziua mai frumoasă :) Am găsit azi în Dedeman un model de faianță extre

Cupcakes Standard - cofetariaalice

18.11.2019 - Vara. /Summer. Creatii personale animate.Animated personal creations. See more ideas about Flori sălbatice, Relaxare, Flori de câmp Pe lângă faptul că minisculele sunt drăguțe, sunt esențiale pentru călătorii și vin la îndemână tot timpul sezonului. un Mario Badescu Mini Spray facial care te va face să te simți oh atât de hidratat și un deodorant cu nucă de cocos Kopari care este natural și are miros de cupcakes - plus, puțin Baretă de perle care va. Dar, înainte de poze și-au pregătit tricourile cu mesajul si data nunții (10 August) cu mare grijă și multă răbdare. Pozele sunt făcute pe malul mării, în Ancona, Italia, prin luna Decembrie așa că au îndurat puțin frig pentru a duce acest proiect la bun sfârșit

17 Best poze cu pisici 2017 images Pisici, Pisici

Florin Dumitrescu, Sorin Bontea și Cătălin Scărlătescu ies la atac cu amuletele, în confruntările de la Chefi la cuțite Cei mai buni 13 concurenți ai acestui sezon Chefi la cuțite sunt pregătiți să intre în bucătărie pentru o nouă confruntare între echipe, diseară, de la ora 20.00, la Antena 1, într-o nouă ediție a celui mai iubit show culinar 04.02.2020 - Explore isdrailai's board catei on Pinterest. See more ideas about Căței, Câini, Cățeluși 02.06.2020 - Explore Steliana Steliana's board VIDEO on Pinterest. See more ideas about Citate câini, Animale haioase, Inel de vis

. Cine este pentru și împotriva a fi purtat de viitoarea primă doamnă. Modă 15 costume de Halloween pentru copii care sunt prea drăguțe. Fără supererou clișeu sau balerini pentru copilul tău unic. Modă. Cele mai bune panouri ale utilizatorului . She is a Star. Favorite Recipes. Patricia Burns Chubb • 1,114,810 Pinur Eu am încercat cu carton gros, de la cutii și cu hârtie glasată și de împachetat și nu, nu a ieșit ok. - am bifat și brăduți din hârtii pentru cupcakes, însă n-au ieșit chiar așa simpatici. Cred că e important să ai modele diferite și viu colorate. Eu am avut prin casa un set cu violet și alb Se bat albusurile cu jumatate din cantitatea de zahar, cu mixerul, Ouale se bat separat, se adauga apoi peste albusuri, cum vedeti in imagini. Separat se bate si uleiul de cocos cu jumatate din cantitatea de zahar. Intr-un lighean punem faina integrala, fulgii de ovaz, nuca de cocos, coaja de la o lamaie Ieri am gatit Macrou la cuptor cu legume si Sos Remoulade.M-am gandit sa va impartasesc reteta, adica sa ma laud. Macroul este pestele meu preferat. Cum am preparat Macrou la cuptor cu legume si Sos Remoulade: 8 bucati macrou mari (atat incap intr-o tava aragaz

Ieri după-amiază, așa cum facem de obicei, familia noastră era online pe rețelele de socializare după ce luasem cina. Avem fii adolescenți și existau online multe imagini cu fete superbe, la fel ca tine. Vă faceți multe selfie-uri în pijamale ultra-minuscule! Dormitoarele voastre sunt drăguțe, noi, părinții, le obsevăm din imagini Premiul constă în diverse accesorii drăguțe pentru nail art, indispensabile pentru cineva care își dorește o manichiură deosebită și unică fără prea mult efort. Mai exact, este vorba despre 20 de punguțe cu bunătăți, după cum urmează 16.08.2016 - Explore Bianca Borgovan's board Un Minion poema on Pinterest. See more ideas about Umor, Minioni, Sere - bomboane colorate cu ciocolată în interior, pentru iris - ornamente de ciocolată pentru decor de la Dr. Oetker (nu e obligatoriu) - cremă de ciocolată (Nutella, Fineti sau oricare alta). Nu știu dacă mai are rost să vă explic cum trebuie să le ornați, din poze reies care-s pașii foarte ușor

Wolven Cele mai drăguțe animale, Animale haioase, Poze

Red Velvet Cupcakes Pisici Haioase Pisici Animale Amuzante Glume Animale Haioase Cele Mai Drăguțe Animale Animale Haioase Poze Amuzante Cu Animale. Texting the dog. Texting the dog - LOLcats is the best place to find and submit funny cat memes and other silly cat materials to share with the world. We find the funny cats that make you LOL. 24.10.2019 - Explore sorin82's board diverse lemn on Pinterest. See more ideas about Lemn, Case, Pergola patio

37 Best poze_copii images Poze copii, Copii, Nume de băieț

  1. Vezi ce a descoperit Adrian Stefan (stefanadrian043) pe Pinterest, cea mai mare colecție de idei din lume
  2. Vara este oficial în sezon! Este timpul să vă răzgândiți și să vă relaxați cu sfaturi, proiecte și idei creative pentru a face din fiecare vară un pic mai dulce. 1 Runner de masă contemporană. Jumătate de triunghiuri pătrată fac acest alergător ușor la bucată
  3. Vă place carnea de curcan? Atunci ar trebui să încercați și această rețetă. Iese foarte fragedă carnea, se topește în gură Nu uitați să dați și apoi pentru a salva rețeta pe când veți avea..
  4. 09.04.2020 - Explore Voicu Ionel's board Postere cu pesti on Pinterest. See more ideas about Pești, Postere, Pești acvariu
  5. Vezi ce a descoperit Giuli (crissngy) pe Pinterest, cea mai mare colecție de idei din lume

Cu o coroană de uși DIY veți intra cu siguranță în spiritul Crăciunului Cu puțin înainte de prima venire, spiritul de Crăciun se simte pretutindeni, atât pe stradă, cât și pe acasă. Este la fel cu noi în birou. Astăzi dorim să punem atingerea finală decorului nostru festiv. Și coroana în acest caz ar fi o [ Vezi ce a descoperit chanel (chanellbbh) pe Pinterest, cea mai mare colecție de idei din lume Ca o stea pop de renume internațional din cea mai faimoasă familie de divertisment din lume, Janet Jackson ar putea părea că a avut totul. Dar, în noua sa carte deschisă, Adevărat Tu, Janet dezvăluie că se luptă cu întrebări de imagine de sine și de respect de sine în toată viața ei. Își împărtășește [ Bună fetelor! Astăzi am avut o zi tare grea. cu mai multe dezamăgiri dar Elisa mi-a adus o mare bucurie și m-a făcut să mă simt ma.. Bună fetelor! Nu știu cum sunteți voi, dar eu nu am avut niciodată probleme cu Poșta. Întotdeauna mi-au ajuns coletele în cea mai bună s..

.03.2019 - Explore Andreea Puiu's board wild life, followed by 165 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Animale, Animale drăgălașe, Pisici

Poze cu papagali Peisaje cu animale Inspirational quotes

  1. 12.04.2016 - Explore Ranete Maria's board cute on Pinterest. See more ideas about Animale, Kawaii, Animale haioase
  2. e sa ma reintalnesc cu Lavinia si Papu, cu Andreea, cu Catalina, cu Mihai si fetele lui, Elena si Miruna, cu Monica si foodie man, cu Madalin si Corina, cu Anca Cookie Jar, cu Elena-PR-ul-de-la-Simbio-care-face-PR-si-pentru-La Seratta-wow-ce tare!, cu lovable intruders generalisti such as my bff Boo si Novac si.
  3. 2. Desenul colorat face ca aceste suporturi de ceașcă și sticlă să fie într-adevăr unice, iar tehnica de pictura este destul de simplă pentru a vă reproduce singur. Fotografia prezintă lucrarea manuală din studioul Love and Cupcakes. 3. Dați o nouă viață vechii mese de lemn cu ajutorul unei imagini în stil etnic, ca în fotografie
  4. Nu vă mai pun poze cu Lisuca, nu vreau să vă plictisesc. Cine își imaginează că eu știu să fac doar floricele și fundițe, se înșală amarnic: iată ce noptiere drăguțe mi-am făcut dintr-o masă ieftină de la Ikea! Nu am avut nevoie decât de un flex cu care am tăiat masa pe jumătate, glasspapier, sfoară de rafie, două.

Cupcakes - Cofetaria Arman

  1. tea lui Pink a fost împodobită cu un cuib de pasăre pe care ea la purtat în mijlocul secțiunii deoarece, a dezvăluit în haștajele sale, se ascundea că era însărcinată cu cel de-al doilea copil.
  2. Cei care doresc să prezinte cadouri creative colegilor, pe 23 februarie, pot fi culeși în tricouri, care ilustrează poze amuzante sau cercuri cu aforisme vrăjmulare tipărite pe ele. La aceeași categorie de cadouri pot fi atribuite bănci cu porci, făcute sub formă de seif, precum și mașini care mănâncă bancnote
  3. 20.04.2018 - Explore Toea Andreea's board Desene artistice on Pinterest. See more ideas about Desene artistice, Desene, Artist
  4. Ce să-i dai o fată de Ziua Îndrăgostiților? Cea mai romantică zi în care iubirea stăpânește lumea. 14 februarie este o ocazie de a spune despre sentimentele tale și transforma această zi într-o adevărată vacanță a îndrăgostițilo

Cupcakes cu ciocolata si glazura, Rețetă Petitche

  • 18.07.2020 - Explore Felicia Udubasa's board Clipuri video, followed by 220 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Mâncare, Rețete culinare, Gătit
  • 28.05.2019 - Explore negoiudaniel's board youtube on Pinterest. See more ideas about Case, Fierăstrău de masă circular, Gard de lemn
  • Drăguțe ! Am văzut și pe Dunăre, la Budapesta, dar nu am călătorit cu așa ceva. Primele poze le-am facut dupa ce plouase si norii inca nu se risipisera. Cupcakes raw vegan cu unt de arahide + Giveaway Sano Vita x Bosch Acum 3 luni TravelBadgers. Wai-O-Tapu sau infernul de la capătul lumi
  • ge și înscrie cu Gumball și Robin de la Cartoon Network! 2020-07-04. Antistress - relaxation toys. Relaxează-ți
  • A pus ea pe facebook poze cu macarons, langa pozele cu bunica-sa din satul cu buda in curte. De atunci, pe oricne il aud ca pronunta cuvantul asta le spun sa suga macaroana. Macarons cand bunicii tai se cacau in spatele viei, intr-o groapa in pamant

De data aceasta, am accesorizat ținuta cu o pereche de cercei simpli, albi, o geantă destul de încăpătoare, pentru că am cărat o mulțime de lucruri după mine, și o pereche de ghete cu ținte, din piele întoarsă, drăguțe și foarte comode. Cămașă - Stradivarius. Fustă - Bershka. Pulover - Pull and Bear. Ghete - Stradivariu Aproape 300 de poze ale copiilor sunt atârnate pe pereții restaurantului italian al lui Scalini din Smyrna, GA - și nu numai pentru că proprietarul crede că chipurile lor sclipitoare sunt drăguțe Azi am cumparat pijama pentru bunica si papuci de casa si sosete pentru bunicul. Pentru Secret Santa la serviciu, rama foto si decoratiune Craciun, pentru fetita mea cupcakes set cu plastilina si sigur voi mai trece pe la ei pentru halat de baie cred ca nu l am vazut in magazin, insa am vazut in catalog si l voi cauta

Animale funny - Poze cu animale dragute - Poze funny si

Cele mai bune cadouri TOP-70 pentru o fată de 13, 14, 15. O fată între 13-15 ani se transformă dintr-un copil într-o doamnă frumoasă. Aspectul ei, preferințele și opiniile se schimbă. Foarte aten Animale Haioase Poze Amuzante Cu Animale Cele Mai Drăguțe Animale Pisici Glume Cu Animale Amuzante Pisici Mari Stop It! 18 Annoyingly Cute Baby Animals Misbehaving The toddler years are some of the most exciting, trying, and humbling experiences a parent will ever go through

Rețetă 2 în 1: Tort/Cupcakes de vanilie cu cremă de mure

13.05.2020 - Explore 's board names girl on Pinterest. See more ideas about Nume, Zei greci, Nume copii Cele Mai Drăguțe Animale Regnul Animal Mama Natur Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes Fennec Fox Animale Haioase Vulpi Poze Amuzante Cu Animale. Fennec Fox Photo -- Morocco Picture -- National Geographic Photo of the Day. See a photo of a fennec fox in Morocco, from National Geographic Buna tuturor! Acesta este canalul meu de YouTube CREATIKITERRA Planeta Copiilor Creativi . Ma numesc Ilinca si am inceput avest canal cand aveam 10 ani ,din. Always wear your invisible crown! Fashion/Food and all about little things that make us happy! 15.01.2018 - This Pin was discovered by ️. Discover (and save!) Your own Pins on Pinteres

Ca baza am folosit oja cu numarul 43 de la Moyra. o oja despre care s-a mai tot vorbit prin blogosfera, datorita faptului ca prezinta niste caracteristici mai deosebite: este foarte asemanatoare acelor oje holografice. Va las mai bine cu imaginile pentru ca in lumina soarelui arata intr-un mare fel : Se poate cita multe exemple despre cum antreprenorii novici într-o perioadă relativ scurtă de timp au reușit să câștige zeci de ruble. Desigur, pentru a atinge un astfel de scop, este necesar să se arate un anumit sens al scopului, perseverenței și energiei O pagină menită să te inspire, ca să ai un super impact cu un cost minim! Vezi cum au făcut alții asta și împărtășește-ne ideile tal

Dacă vă amintiți, vă spuneam în acest articol că, pe lângă șamponul cu Cola- care a fost un deliciu- am folosit în ultima perioadă și bifazicul Anian cu Colagen și Acid Hialuronic. Înainte să vă spun ce face, trebuie să menționez parfumul său zambile și violete- care este atât de intens, atât de real, încât nu simți doar mirosul de floare, ci și un miros de. Păi, indienii taie tortul înainte de masă, deci, procesul e după cum urmează: tăiere tort, aplauze, muzică, poze cu tortul, dus tort în frigider de către ospătari (în acest caz un triliard de cupcakes, eu zic să spună mersi că doar am mâncat două-trei, ok, patru! și n-am dat cu tava pe jos, atunci să fii văzut pagubă. Nu au venit cu mâna goală, ci cu niște cupcakes foarte drăguțe, am auzit că au fost și bune Pe Ana și pe Corina le-am cunoscut anul trecut, la întâlnirea bloggerițelor din Cluj , sunt niște fete foarte faine, deschise, cu care ai ce povesti

Video: How To Make Chocolate Dessert. Easy Dessert Recipes. So Yummy Cake Decorating Ideas (June 2022).


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